David Dykstal

@ddykstal Maybe I should post some pictures. :)

@petebrown @jack I tried using an A5 size bullet journal in 2019 and moved to the Techo for 2020. I liked the smaller format. I don't really need a planner, but it works great as a phenology notebook and sleep journal. I also use it for recording random observations to be fleshed out in my daily journal. Keeping it for 2021.

@Cheri It’s been years since Ann and I visited Seattle. We should take the Empire Builder out there again to visit our friends.

@cygnoir +1 for the Pilot Vanishing Point. They're just so blasted convenient. For shopping lists and taking notes while out running errands, though, I use a Flair and a bunch of index cards. Cheap and replacable.

A friend of mine once called paper "cellulose automata" since it had the great characteristic of being highly available. Apologies to the late John Conway.

@sgtstretch As much as I liked Carlin in that. Ringo was a lot more fun.

@schuth I was in junior high when it was being built and watched it go up. I had several classes there as a student in the mid 70s. It was depressing then. It has to be even more depressing now. The problems with the building showed up almost immediately.

@jack I find desktop Linux to be a playground. I keep coming back to macOS. I can do everything there that I can do in Linux and much more. I spend quite of bit of time on the macOS command line. In Linux, I spend almost all of my time there. The graphical bits are just so much weak sauce.

@a_seagull_story Most bbedit on macOS. I also use eclipse for specialized language editors that I cannot find elsewhere. I have no doubt that if you are raised on vim it can be hugely productive. It's just not for me.

@rnv You buy these as singles? Where?

@rnv It appears my handle is misspelled. Should be @ddykstal. Rochester MN.

@rnv @sproutlight 👍

@jack I had a brief fling with Workflowy for that reason, but it always felt cluttered to me. I like the freedom to have full pages on one topic, outline them if I please, or chop them up if it suits me. The bidirectional linking is key. Since it's web based I can use it on both Linux and macOS.

@jack I am working my way through Roam. I may have finally found the tool that thinks the way I do. I'll see if I can keep this up. It's interesting. I had played with it on and off before and wasn't impressed with it's speed but its keeping up with me fine now.

@kimberlyhirsh :) I totally get that. My experience with Mr. Fry is limited to Sherlock Holmes and as Jeeves. It’s pretty obvious that he’s done a bit of homework for this series.

@ChrisJWilson Nock cases? Yes.

@cn Yeah. Maybe I’m already cross-fading into tomorrow. 😁

@schuth that looks suspiciously like my old west side neighborhood.

@rnv thoroughly enjoyed this. I remember liking Berol Black Warriors. I fell for the Palomino marketing but only use them for sketching. My workhorse is the Dixon Ticonderoga.


@kitt I’m taking a break from the epics with an audio version of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There We’re None”. I listen while doing the dishes. 📚🥣

@JohnPhilpin I was in Galway in October. Every other building downtown was a pub. They have to be hurting.

@patrickrhone I like that idea!

@schuth !!

@macgenie yep. Same here a few days back.

@Ron That is located on Hwy 61 just outside of town. I've driven by it many a time, but not today.

@amit I've decided to consolidate in a different direction. I'm dropping both blot and wordpress and moving everything to micro.blog. I like wordpress and really like blot, but I was tired of deciding what to write and where. It was getting in the way of actually writing.