David Dykstal

@jean I have 3 bikes so I guess I qualify although the pandemic had put a halt to the office commute for a bit. 🚲

@pimoore No. There is not. There is a downside to having too many inked up at one time though. 😎

@jean How did I miss this? Add me as well.

@mdrockwell BBEdit, Drafts, Terminal, Filemaker, Outlook, Mail, Safari, Twitterific, Messages, Slack. Filemaker is kind of an oddball. I'll go for stretches without using it but when I need to massage/summarize data I prefer it to spreadsheets. I use Feedly for RSS. NNW on the horizon.

@Gaby My father was born in Schiedam -- the home of Ketel One. So, out of filial duty, I must take exception to your evaluation. :)

@Gaby First thing I did was turn off all tracking. Bastards. :)

@Burk I had the same problem. That solution seems to have worked for me.

@ddykstal Dammit Dave! Just pick one and stick with it. 😎

@Miraz There's a lot of lacing there. :) I might try some of those out.

@jean I had forgotten that I’d read The Lathe of Heaven ages ago. I remember liking it but I’ve forgotten almost all of the details. I’m looking at The Left Hand of Darkness with a little trepidation. I’m not sure what to expect. I ration her poems since there aren’t many.

@pimoore 👍

@pimoore I love her poetry and essays. I’ve only read the her Earthsea fiction and am going to delve into more of that. Jemison is a worthy successor.

@pimoore I’m heavy on the Le Guin at the moment. I’m about 1/4 of the way through Popova’s “Figuring”.

@jack I haven't reached that point yet, but yes, I'm cutting back as well. Note as I need, with a single tool that is easily searchable. Doesn't matter which one.

When I was at university (probably longer ago that you) I found that the act of writing the note was more important than being able to look it up. The writing was the key.

@crossingthethreshold not a bad idea 😎

@crossingthethreshold My wife and I both had our second Moderna shot this week and neither of us had any side effects. The disclaimers we got from Mayo did say that they were possible.

@dejus makes me want to get a drone 😎

@rnv Get well. I've had two episodes with broken ribs. They did heal nicely.

@rnv I've heard Peter a few times in person. Amazing talent and just a really nice guy. RIP.

@Cheri Nice. I'm glad to see a couple of new Ellie Tappets in the works!

@Miraz I've been throwing clipping from various US newspaper sites into Roam for about 5 months now along with my tags and comments. Haven't found the proper forum to publish it all. It might all end up on blot. We'll see.

@helgeg I did use JetBrains Mono for some time, but I never got used to the code ligatures. Maybe I'm just to old school. I might take a poke at Operator Mono someday.

@Miraz I've been collecting a bunch of ragey stuff, but I would never post it here. That'd be for another blog if it ever gets published. Keeping it positive.

@Cheri 👍 I was just looking at that yesterday but I’m still working on my pi zero camera setup. Maybe after that I’ll look at it again.

@jack The One True Notebook is an illusion. I use a Techo and and A5 MD notebook for a daily long form journal, a couple of sketchbooks which I use mostly for doodling. Don't get me started on the apps...