David Dykstal

@JohnPhilpin Cross platform frameworks have been around since the beginning of virtual machine development in 1976 with Smalltalk76. Just at a much lower level. I'm not sure this has much to do with Apple, but everything to do with the economics of software development.

@danielpunkass It's a symptom of the whole problem of relying on frameworks we only partially understand. Yes, I use them, but I wish I didn't have to.

@pimoore @greghiggins I use Drafts to capture URLs and text for my clippings database. It does a great job for that and I can write various editor bits to munge up the text for export. I try not to keep stuff in it for too long though. My favorite note apps are Tot, Bear, and Ulysses, depending on the length. BBEdit is king for anything that has to live as a file.

@maique Looks like the Pastelaria Batalha didn't make it through the shutdowns though. 😥

@maique Recognized! It's a block from our hotel of 2 years ago. Breakfast was just down the street.

@pimoore I ran into a person once who absolutely adored the puck mouse. She went out of her way to hunt down used ones. Never understood that. :)

@Gaby So was my grandson when he was 4. He's 17 now. Thankfully he grew out of it. :)

@cygnoir The ink is beautiful. I'm curious about the pen/nib combination on this. 😎

@jemostrom I checked those out. I may try a different pen and see.

@sgtstretch This one was J. Herbin Gris Orage. But I also have Colorverse Cat.

@maique Someday I hope to visit the Azores. I was in Lisbon two years ago. I miss it every time you post a picture.

@jack tempted. But I swore off new pens for a bit. Dang.

@jakelacaze I'm finishing up my third Midori MD A5 lined version. I like them a lot and they fit my journal cover nicely. I really like the paper in the Rhodia Webnotebooks too, probably a shade more than the Midori, but I like a lined notebook for journaling. I was considering going to the Jetpens Kanso Noto (TR paper, dot grid) for the next volume but I'll continue with the Midori and save the Kanso Noto for something else -- probably a tech notebook.

@JMaxB I doubt the planners are in danger. Their format is too sweet. They’ll survive in some form. No doubt Hobonochi has already made plans. They may even have enough TR stock to last for a while.

@jack I wonder how Hobonichi is going to deal with this?

@jakelacaze I just bought a notebook of TR for my next journal volume. I’m giving it a shot again since I now have an ample supply of J. Herbin blotters. Guess it’s my last. I won’t miss it all that much. I find it finicky.

@patrickrhone This may be scandalous to some here, but I think I just might have enough pens and ink now. I admit to getting a ridiculous amount of joy using them. But it’s time to call it quits on new acquisitions.

@jack Running out of pages in my current journal. Been writing every day for over a year. This notebook lasted a tad over six months. I haven’t reached Marcus Aurelius heights in my prose. But I’m satisfied so far.

@Burk I am seriously considering the same move you made.

@jean I have 3 bikes so I guess I qualify although the pandemic had put a halt to the office commute for a bit. 🚲

@pimoore No. There is not. There is a downside to having too many inked up at one time though. 😎

@jean How did I miss this? Add me as well.

@mdrockwell BBEdit, Drafts, Terminal, Filemaker, Outlook, Mail, Safari, Twitterific, Messages, Slack. Filemaker is kind of an oddball. I'll go for stretches without using it but when I need to massage/summarize data I prefer it to spreadsheets. I use Feedly for RSS. NNW on the horizon.

@Gaby My father was born in Schiedam -- the home of Ketel One. So, out of filial duty, I must take exception to your evaluation. :)

@Gaby First thing I did was turn off all tracking. Bastards. :)