David Dykstal

@monday I have an electric bike for commuting. As soon as we move back into the city the pickup will disappear and be replaced with an electric car.

@ddykstal Yep. Slicker than snot.

@ericmwalk Same for my driveway. Another workout is ahead for today.

@JohnPhilpin same here. But I ordered a Playdate anyway. So out of character.

@rnv ahhh. I fondly remember that pencil tour!

@maique I should post a picture of myself someday with that look. :)

@duckrowing Clearing out anything is hard. Dropping domains. Throwing out old textbooks. Taking old PCs to the recycling center. Sigh. I'm just now ditching my VCR tapes. I'm nearly 70 and am still hanging on to my high school calculus textbook.

@isaiah I gave up on all of Realmac products. I used RapidWeaver for a bit, but found I needed to buy add-ons to do anything interesting. I dropped them after they dropped Clear and Ember.

@JeanStylo If I didn't have so many pens lying around I'd definitely give the Varsity a shot.

@JeanStylo I second the Kaweco AL Sports. Easily pocketed. Quick to use. Indestructible. Loads of ink cartridge colors.

@danielsantos I have used Workflowy but am currently using a combination of Bear (for unrelated notes), Tinderbox and Obsidian for projects that have interrelated bits, and Mindnode for outlines displayed as maps. I like Workflowy but it's just not "big picture" enough for me.

I've given trying to find note nirvana.

@rnv Hamlet is on our list for April as well. We have to drive from and to Rochester so we do the Sunday matinées with all the old folks. We saw it a few years ago in Winona at the GRSF. Well done there as well!

@maique love that album!

@maique I love your sticker posts. Are stickers something that's peculiar to Lisbon? I don't see that here in my section of the US and I don't recall seeing it in Dublin.

@yorrike My commute minutes to the office about 10km: Car - 12, Bike - 90, eBike 1 - 45, eBike 2 - 30. The commute goes down to a creek, up to a ridge, down to a creek, and back up to the office on another ridge. Hills and wind. Love the eBike. It makes the commute fun instead of a chore.

@pimoore she got her infusion and was a bit more perky today. I think she’s good in the long term. 👍

@maique When you travel for pleasure do you take any camera rig or just your phone? I've been taking a camera for low light and zoom capabilities, but probably can live without that and ditch the extra bag.

@topgold We had planned on some inflation. Our stays were mostly at B&Bs and a vacation home and those were paid for up front a while back. The biggest expense was the hotel in Dublin, as expected. Meals were in-line, or even less expensive than in the US, probably due to the weakness of the euro against the dollar. Petrol about 2x the US price but we had a hybrid Renault that sipped gas.

@topgold Thanks! Currently at Ballyglass Country House just outside of town. Leaving for Dublin tomorrow.

@val I found that the castle is privately owned. You can drive by but not go inside.

@maique Sigh. I miss Lisbon.

@amit As for the sarcasm, I figured that was probably the case after a bit of thought. Sometimes the penny takes a while to drop. As for WordPress, I meant my particular blog that uses it. I'll find a better place for it someday.

@amit I have three blogs: one on a self-hosted wordpress, one on blot.im, and one here on micro.blog. Even though I don't post much I shoot for the least amount of friction possible. The wordpress blog's days are numbered.

@amit Effortless? It doesn't sound that way. :)

@pimoore You know, being an analyst/engineer, it was not scary. It was more of "I know what is going on, I know they can deal with it, I just have to tell them what's happening". I have relatives whose philosophy is "It's the doc's job to figure this out" but they can't do it without data. I have to provide that data.