David Dykstal

@garciabuxton I took this as a challenge and bought my own bag this evening. Results will be posted. 😎

@garciabuxton I don't see why not. 😎

@kitt Nice!

@simonwoods I haven't seen the backlash either, probably for the reason that my twitter feed is pretty lean. I have absolutely no problem with subscriptions for software that I use every day. Fantastical was an easy choice.

@ddykstal Shameless plug. The book is available on Amazon. He's also written several about gardening in Florida and caring for pollinators.

@kaa I know. I have this thing about matching pens with their ink colors. You can see the Kaweco red ink in the background. I have a couple of Pilot Metropolitans I use for playing with inks, but I have only a small collection so far.

@ChrisJWilson Yes. I've tried the Tomoe River Kanso Sasshi booklets from JetPens, Leuchtturn1917, an Eccolo World Travelerand several Rhodia notebooks so far. Next up is an Midori MD A5 Journal. So far, I much prefer the Rhodia for fountain pens. I find Tomoe River paper beautiful, but too fussy for fountain pens. I like to use it with pencils.

@danielpunkass I loved that book as a kid. Read it to my son too. He’s 31 now. 😎

@pratik @bix Huh. I never thought to look there. It took a bit to find, and it does appear to be settable by library, but 21 days it is!

@jack @helgeg I just switched from the Leuchtterm using a modified bullet journal format to the Hobonichi for this year. I'll carry over my mods to the Hobonichi. They'll work there as well. I back it up with OmniFocus for depth and a Rhodia Webbie for daily journaling. When the webbie runs out I'm moving to an A5 Midori MD notebook just because.

@garciabuxton Excellent choices. Not sure what mine are yet.

@ronguest πŸ‘

@ddykstal Looks like it's back up. That was quick.

@SusanB Is the spelling you are using is "standard" Scots or is it phonetic?

@schuth What was this? Something to do with the Marine Corps, but what?

@schuth Interesting. I thought that might be it, but the surface of the building at this angle looked darker and a different texture than I remembered. I found a picture elsewhere and I can certainly see how you got this angle. Nicely done!

@schuth What building is that? I don't recognize it.

@jamescousins I think it is which is why I like her idea. I started down the path but got hung up on the whole iOS thing. I think it's best approached (for me) as a macOS only thing and let OF handle the multiplatform stuff. Still, I have 4 macs to keep in sync and git will let me do that while keeping an easy to follow trail of changes.

@macgenie @rosemaryorchard Any thoughts on attending Macstock in 2020? I got to the first two, skipped three years, and am thinking about returning again, but I kind of felt out of place there. Seemed like everyone (except me) knew everyone.

@jamescousins I agree it sounds like a lot. I may give up on the bullet journal thing entirely, but I like @rosemaryorchard's idea to get the stuff you never review off the main set of lists until its relevant.

@macgenie @jamescousins @bbech I'm way behind on OmniFocus too. I took a detour into bullet journalling which I like, but it took me a while to figure out how this might fit with OF.

Here's what I'm thinking for now. I'm going to trim OF down based on what @rosemaryorchard was doing with git for offloading OF. However, I find text editing to be a chore on iOS even with Textastic. I probably could make it work OK with an external keyboard on iPadOS. So I'm going to do most of the heavy lifting in Taskpaper/BBEdit on macOS. Working Copy on iOS and iPadOS is still going to be essential.

The idea is to use a bullet journal to hold immediate stuff for the day. OmniFocus will be the secondary store and revisited in each morning. git/taskpaper will be the tertiary store which will be referenced only occasionally.

Hope I'm not overthinking this.

@seishonagon I'm using an OWC 4 disk RAID enclosure and backup using Chronosync. Works great. I see that Chronosync also supports B2 cloud storage. I may go with that.

Chronosync is a bit geeky, but I love it's flexibility.

@jack @jemostrom Still looking for good cloud backup. Gave up on Mozy and Crashplan when prices went up, but may go back or roll my own somehow. Any experience with others?

@sgtstretch because a good pen is a gift from god?

@baldur I have to agree with @brentsimmons on this one.