David Dykstal

@jamescousins I agree it sounds like a lot. I may give up on the bullet journal thing entirely, but I like @rosemaryorchard's idea to get the stuff you never review off the main set of lists until its relevant.

@macgenie @jamescousins @bbech I'm way behind on OmniFocus too. I took a detour into bullet journalling which I like, but it took me a while to figure out how this might fit with OF.

Here's what I'm thinking for now. I'm going to trim OF down based on what @rosemaryorchard was doing with git for offloading OF. However, I find text editing to be a chore on iOS even with Textastic. I probably could make it work OK with an external keyboard on iPadOS. So I'm going to do most of the heavy lifting in Taskpaper/BBEdit on macOS. Working Copy on iOS and iPadOS is still going to be essential.

The idea is to use a bullet journal to hold immediate stuff for the day. OmniFocus will be the secondary store and revisited in each morning. git/taskpaper will be the tertiary store which will be referenced only occasionally.

Hope I'm not overthinking this.

@seishonagon I'm using an OWC 4 disk RAID enclosure and backup using Chronosync. Works great. I see that Chronosync also supports B2 cloud storage. I may go with that.

Chronosync is a bit geeky, but I love it's flexibility.

@jack @jemostrom Still looking for good cloud backup. Gave up on Mozy and Crashplan when prices went up, but may go back or roll my own somehow. Any experience with others?

@sgtstretch because a good pen is a gift from god?

@baldur I have to agree with @brentsimmons on this one.

@hartlco Excellent!

@ronguest Perhaps. My nephew, who has a degree in film production, said it sounded like a bad 1940's film noir script. πŸ˜‚

@Gabz What size Peak Design pack did you end up with?

@cn As a Minnesota native, I feel I have some right to use the word. 😎

@macgenie I'm imposing my own constraints. I use the word as is. I've managed so far. The trickier part is how to wrap up the story in time.

@macgenie Eesh.

@Burk Coming to the "specific purpose" conclusion myself. Although the Pi4 looks promising as cheap testing desktop using spare parts. Not purchasing just yet until I've dusted off all my old micro SD cards to see what state I've left things in.

@jack @cleverdevil I think you're right about repetition. Folks need to see how they are useful.

@Burk I find the whole Raspberry Pi experience to be a bit like a game of Adventure. Where do you find interesting projects to employ the beast?

@cleverdevil I use them only occasionally. No one else I know does.

@Miraz a tour de force!

@schuth @smokey @cn I'm very familiar with the old parts of the CS building. My degrees are in CS. IBM was the original developer of that clock system and purchased by Simplex in 1958. IBM was invested in MICR as part of their banking equipment, and for many years our (horrible Rochester MN city seal had MICR lettering on it in reference to the work done at the IBM Rochester lab where I worked for many years. My guess is that this is one of the original clocks in the building and someone picked it because it looked "computery". 😎

@amit ooooh. Impressive. 😎

@amit Yeah. I've composed one for tomorrow, but the usage is kind of lame. I'll sleep on it.

@crossingthethreshold The Nov 19 word is a bit tricky. I'll see if I can work with it.

@macgenie You’re not making this easy for those of us trying to hold to a flash fiction thread are you? 😎 @amit

@schuth πŸ‘

@SusanB Now I'm wondering how to pronounce Glaswegian. I can think of several ways. Probably none of those are correct. 😎

@SusanB Thanks! I hope to have more stuff on them later in the story. There's a tie-in there.