David Dykstal

@ChrisJWilson Nock cases? Yes.

@cn Yeah. Maybe I’m already cross-fading into tomorrow. 😁

@schuth that looks suspiciously like my old west side neighborhood.

@rnv thoroughly enjoyed this. I remember liking Berol Black Warriors. I fell for the Palomino marketing but only use them for sketching. My workhorse is the Dixon Ticonderoga.


@kitt I’m taking a break from the epics with an audio version of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There We’re None”. I listen while doing the dishes. 📚🥣

@JohnPhilpin I was in Galway in October. Every other building downtown was a pub. They have to be hurting.

@patrickrhone I like that idea!

@schuth !!

@macgenie yep. Same here a few days back.

@Ron That is located on Hwy 61 just outside of town. I've driven by it many a time, but not today.

@amit I've decided to consolidate in a different direction. I'm dropping both blot and wordpress and moving everything to micro.blog. I like wordpress and really like blot, but I was tired of deciding what to write and where. It was getting in the way of actually writing.

@JohnPhilpin Interesting. Unlike most classics for which Cliff Notes (or Spark Notes) are available, most business books can easily be condensed to 10-minute summaries and not lose any information. :)

@jack @amit Those are beautiful. They are works of art, but, at the same time, reflect his day-to-day experience and thoughts. There are times I wish I could add simple sketchnotes to my journals, but have always found it easier to deal in text. Maybe I have to up my game?

@petebrown I'm sure you are correct in this case. Still, this isn't the only time I've seen journaling done like that. There are blogs that show the same tendency. It looks more like scrapbooking to me than journaling. Still, I can't knock it just because I don't understand it. It's just different than what I do.

@Miraz Yes. It's called Shingrix here and it's two shots 2-6 months apart. Supposed to be really effective.

@Miraz Just got my first of two shingles vaccine shots too. My arm was sore for 3 days. I usually don't react like that.

@garciabuxton I've been receiving in the hand for 50 years. I can count on one hand the number of people in our parish who elect to receive on the tongue. My son's parish in San Antonio, on the other hand, has many more. As a Eucharistic minister, I prefer to have folks receive in the hand -- less of a chance of a slip up. :)

@garciabuxton My wife and I gave up the hand-holding thing at the Our Father quite some time ago during the H1N1 scare. Our parish is big on it though, as is my father's parish in Florida. There's really no ceremonial reason to do it. However, when in Rome ...

@sgtstretch I was impressed with kon-peki. It is a beautiful shade. It will likely become my EDC blue. The take-sumi is a pretty standard black and I'll use it likewise . The kiri-same is a nice medium gray. I have some colorverse inks coming tomorrow in more interesting colors.

@schuth Sterling Hall and Van Hise. Nice. I spent a few semesters in that lecture hall.

@greghiggins yep. Don’t even get me started about Yelp restaurant reviews. Some pretty self-important folks there.

@manton your reply would make a great opening line for a dystopian fiction story. 😎

@sarcassem 👋🏼

@Miraz Happy Birthday!

@Gabz That's what I do, but I've found that I rarely read later no matter how I store them. Better to just read them now. 😎