David Dykstal

Ann and I are heading to Seattle to cruise the Inside Passage up to Alaska and back. Hope to post some pictures when I can.

Dead slash pine in the Jay B. Starkey Wilderness west-central Florida.

📚 Today’s reading: One chapter of Le Guin’s interpretation of the Tao Te Ching, the latest Science News, skimming IBM i Security: Administration and Compliance, an article from the Tampa Bay Times on the death trends for pedestrians on Pinellas county roads.

If I stopped playing so much iPhone solitaire I’d have finished my plan for world domination by now.

I’ve replaced my 7-year-old ebike with a new step-thru model. The ebike is my main commute vehicle in non-winter months. My old bones are going to like the step-thru. Now I just have to wait until late March.

Climbing onto the weather seesaw here in southern Minnesota.

Trying Squeak again. This time to finally grok morphic.

Post more. Reply graciously.

I had assumed someone was watching the spectrum. Silly me.

Boeing and Airbus urge a delay in 5G wireless service over safety concerns

I cannot believe how fast the coffee disappears from my cup while I’m working. Must be gremlins.

About half done. 😳

Work in progress 😍

Cookie time!! 😋

We got 10” of snow last night.

An occasional evening ritual.

Today I tried to find a reason to buy a tricked-out System 76 desktop Linux system, but couldn’t justify it. Dang. The Apple ecosystem is just too comfy.

Pulled the trigger on this Diplomat Aero yesterday.

Giving up on Tinderbox again after a brief fling. I love the concept, but there are just too many quirks and the occasional crash. Now moving notes to a smattering of apps. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no One True Notebook.

Half #sharp #mboct

#majority #mboct

#dark #mboct

#touch #mboct

Back to basics. Swapping the zoom for the 50mm prime. Zoom with the feet.

Just downloaded Pharo 9.0. It feels good to be working in Smalltalk again, if only for small things.

black walnuts

a black and green mottled sphere embedded in the grass
a long-handled plastic leaf rake
bend the tines underneath
my woods have one more walnut
only 500 left