David Dykstal


Unrepentant Badger living in Minnesota. Would-be photographer. Sometime bicyclist. IBM i guru. I do software tools. He/him.

tl;dr version

I live in Rochester, Minnesota and have been here since 1977. I enjoy bicycling in the summer, snowshoeing in the winter, and walking and photography whatever the season.

I am a computer programmer and have been since my sophomore year in high school when I used paper tape and a teletype. I love writing what I hope is well-crafted software.

I worked for most of my career for IBM in Rochester. I left for a 10-year stint with Object Technology International. I became lab director of the OTI Minneapolis lab. OTI was absorbed by IBM in late 2002 and most of it became pieces in the Rational division. OTI was responsible for the initial development of the Eclipse open source project.

Back at IBM I was the architect for Rational Developer for i - an IDE for the IBM i Operating System developed on the Eclipse base. I was also the project lead for the Target Management project at Eclipse.

I retired from IBM in October 2013.

I’ve guided teams, refined processes, enforced internal and external standards, and attempted to drive some sort of consistency into families of products.

I am now part owner TAA Tools, a small software company. We provide software tools for the IBM i Operating System.