David Dykstal

@Archimage groan

@maique I checked out the FAQ. I'm giving it a pass for a bit. I'm currently playing with Linux as a work machine and looking for cross platform tooling. Keeping my eye on it though.

@maique I completely missed the Orion introduction. How is it?

@pawel I’ve been paying monthly for a while. I’ll be moving to the yearly plan. It’s nice not having to wade through the garbage.


@cygnoir I just picked #workflowy up again this past two weeks. I’ve been using #obsidian for a while, but I like workflowy’s simplicity. I especially like that it isn’t markdown and lets me type the characters I want.

@ddykstal And, of course, by "tags" I meant "categories".

@odd I love MarsEdit for its ability to catch up to posts and for its ability to edit tags after posting. That is indispensable for me. I always forget to add the tags.

@odd I can’t even imagine 1000 sq ft at this point. There are two of us. This is a huge change. Lots of stuff to eject on the way out.

@lmika oh man. I can so relate to that!

@bruceblog that’s amazing.

@cheribaker One of my favorite books and authors. I'm still working my way through more of her stuff.

@manton I’ve been a Linode customer for years and have received multiple storage upgrades without any price increases. This actually seems like it might be overdue.

@timapple Also Kit Yates "The Math of Life and Death". That was good enough that I bought the dead tree version.

@timapple Depends on the subject. For general science history I'm currently listening to "Faraday, Maxwell, and the Electromagnetic Field: How Two Men Revolutionized Physics". The story is great. The narrator is a little odd with the attempted Scottish accents but is understandable at least. The "Simply ..." series is also good for science biography/history. I've listened to "Simple Gödel" and "Simply Dirac".

@manton useful! But what I really need is a logic check. 😎

@danielpunkass Listened to that ages ago. Loved the bread guy, whatever his name was.

@bitdepth I'm going to have to check this one out!

@baldur Thanks for posting this one. Taking time to read it in some depth. It seems to be spot on.

@fahrni Great links and comment.

@zorn I’m not sure I see a reason to panic yet. I have three sites at Linode. One is critical to my business. I’m keeping an eye on it though.

@rohdesign I use both SmugMug and Flickr. I like SmugMug's layout features, but I'm probably more in the Flickr demographic.

@Fiftyfootshadows I have two rolls of gaffer tape I've never used. I bought it with the idea of having it hold the blackout curtains in hotel rooms together. What's your favorite use?

@pratik Ouch! My son lives in San Antonio. He's hunkered down too, but from the map it doesn't look quite as bad there.

@patrickrhone Nice! We'll be there in May and will be able to see this as well.