David Dykstal

@pimoore she got her infusion and was a bit more perky today. I think sheโ€™s good in the long term. ๐Ÿ‘

@maique When you travel for pleasure do you take any camera rig or just your phone? I've been taking a camera for low light and zoom capabilities, but probably can live without that and ditch the extra bag.

@topgold We had planned on some inflation. Our stays were mostly at B&Bs and a vacation home and those were paid for up front a while back. The biggest expense was the hotel in Dublin, as expected. Meals were in-line, or even less expensive than in the US, probably due to the weakness of the euro against the dollar. Petrol about 2x the US price but we had a hybrid Renault that sipped gas.

@topgold Thanks! Currently at Ballyglass Country House just outside of town. Leaving for Dublin tomorrow.

@val I found that the castle is privately owned. You can drive by but not go inside.

@maique Sigh. I miss Lisbon.

@amit As for the sarcasm, I figured that was probably the case after a bit of thought. Sometimes the penny takes a while to drop. As for WordPress, I meant my particular blog that uses it. I'll find a better place for it someday.

@amit I have three blogs: one on a self-hosted wordpress, one on blot.im, and one here on micro.blog. Even though I don't post much I shoot for the least amount of friction possible. The wordpress blog's days are numbered.

@amit Effortless? It doesn't sound that way. :)

@pimoore You know, being an analyst/engineer, it was not scary. It was more of "I know what is going on, I know they can deal with it, I just have to tell them what's happening". I have relatives whose philosophy is "It's the doc's job to figure this out" but they can't do it without data. I have to provide that data.

@pimoore I live in Rochester MN, the home of the Mayo Clinic (or as they say here, the WFMC (World Famous Mayo Clinic). It's my primary care and the care is excellent.

@Mandalorian @joshua As far as I can tell there is no way to save directly to a file in OneDrive. You can mail converted text to yourself and then paste it into OneNote. You (supposedly) can annotate PDFs that are stored on OneDrive, but I've never used that feature.

@Mandalorian I use it that way. The handwriting recognition is not bad. There is always some touch up to do.

@jack what (if anything) happened to the Q2?

@garciabuxton good to hear from you again!

@ChrisHannah I use both blot and M.b. M.b is for regular bloggy type stuff. It's super easy. Blot is for publishing news clippings and my snarky comments that I want to keep around for reference. Those would just clutter up the M.b timeline and no one should really be interested in my comments. I also have a couple of wordpress sites. Those will eventually disappear in favor of M.b.

@Miraz ๐Ÿ‘Regular expressions in BBEdit ๐Ÿ˜

@cygnoir These are pretty cool inks. The sheening in these is really nice.

I didn't know about Inkvent until I looked it up. Is this something they do every year?

I had sort of given up on Diamine after I had some problems with the inks getting too dry in some my pens, but that may be because I was using them in too fine a nib. I've had some good luck with them with broader nibs.

@jean Iโ€™m afraid these resources have been allocated. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

@cygnoir Dang it. Now you have me buying more ink. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Diamine Dragon Blood Shimmering. I'm going to have to start writing more.

@cygnoir I have a J. Herbin glass pen I use for samples. I almost ruined it by trying to get it to work better. They can be a bit tricky. I'm going to pick up one more from Rohrer & Klingner to compare.

@cygnoir It's a beautiful ink! What pen and nib size? The nib looks like a stub and it looks like you're writing on Tomoe River paper. It must take forever to dry. I've not had much luck with shimmering inks, but I prefer finer nibs and maybe that's the issue.

@patrickrhone Electric pickups for short haul work make a lot of sense.

@Cheri the metropolitan is a great choice. Itโ€™s what got me started. Itโ€™s a slippery slope though. Iโ€™m somewhere around 20 pens now. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

@timapple I use a Waterfield Designs Bolt backpack. Waxed canvas. The lining is gold colored so you can actually find stuff in it. I kind of lust after the Peak Designs stuff too though.