David Dykstal


More ink! I’m probably set for this life and many after.

I received three new inks today. Can’t wait to try them out.

I’ve recovered from my norovirus attack and am now basking in a cool breeze off a Dunedin fishing pier. #mbfeb

Today is Sunday, a day of rest. I thought I’d post this peaceful sunset over Lake Superior from last September. #mbfeb

Life today is out of balance. Unwell. Hope to be up to snuff tomorrow. #mbfeb

It’s 75°F here in Dunedin Florida. These blankets at the downtown market spell even extra warmth. #mbfeb

About to rise at MSP. #mbfeb

We ran across this odd attachment at Quase Café in Lisbon last spring. #mbfeb

Lake Superior beach. Plain. Simple. #mbfeb

I found this sign in Dublin this fall when visiting. It was in Merrion Square near the statue of Oscar Wilde. Mathematicians are my heroes. #mbfeb

The lull before the Sunday snowblower symphony. #mbfeb

Sunlit is crashing on my phone on startup. Just started today. Anyone else seeing this?

Contrast. Too many here to count. #mbfeb

Paisley Park - Studio B

Science Hall looms above Park Street on the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison WI. #mbfeb

My dear friend, Craig, wrote this plant book. It’s getting quite a good reception. Craig teaches at University of South Florida and St. Petersburg College. You can follow his tales of Florida gardening on his blog: There Were No Fences. #mbfeb

This hobonichi techo planner has a cover made from the hide of a goat. #mbfeb

A spot of tea in the mid-afternoon is just what I need. #mbfeb

Each morning I reflect on the previous day. #mbfeb

The rose tinted dawn over our hill was quite a sight. #mbfeb

My snowblower is looking lonely in the open garage. #mbfeb