David Dykstal

Grandiflora trillium

A view of Maiden Rock from Frontenac State Park on Lake Pepin.

#adayinthelife I’m going to squeak in under the wire with this pic of my office. I spend a good chunk of my time here each day. This is the neat section. 😎 In my defense, I did get outside yesterday to rake leaves. It was very likely the last nice day of the year.

Peak color today.

Lady Ta-Da stretching in the sun.

Saint Francis contemplating the hosta.

A view of the Mississippi valley from Great River Bluffs State Park just south of Winona MN.

Violet(s). #mbmay

Indigo. #mbmay

Blue. #mbmay

Green. #mbmay

Yellow. #mbmay

Orange #mbmay

Red #mbmay

Life after death?

Not quite social distancing.

Lady TaDa



More ink! I’m probably set for this life and many after.

I received three new inks today. Can’t wait to try them out.

I’ve recovered from my norovirus attack and am now basking in a cool breeze off a Dunedin fishing pier. #mbfeb

Today is Sunday, a day of rest. I thought I’d post this peaceful sunset over Lake Superior from last September. #mbfeb

Life today is out of balance. Unwell. Hope to be up to snuff tomorrow. #mbfeb

It’s 75°F here in Dunedin Florida. These blankets at the downtown market spell even extra warmth. #mbfeb