David Dykstal

We ran across this odd attachment at Quase Café in Lisbon last spring. #mbfeb

Lake Superior beach. Plain. Simple. #mbfeb

I found this sign in Dublin this fall when visiting. It was in Merrion Square near the statue of Oscar Wilde. Mathematicians are my heroes. #mbfeb

The lull before the Sunday snowblower symphony. #mbfeb

Sunlit is crashing on my phone on startup. Just started today. Anyone else seeing this?

Contrast. Too many here to count. #mbfeb

Paisley Park - Studio B

Science Hall looms above Park Street on the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison WI. #mbfeb

My dear friend, Craig, wrote this plant book. It’s getting quite a good reception. Craig teaches at University of South Florida and St. Petersburg College. You can follow his tales of Florida gardening on his blog: There Were No Fences. #mbfeb

This hobonichi techo planner has a cover made from the hide of a goat. #mbfeb

A spot of tea in the mid-afternoon is just what I need. #mbfeb

Each morning I reflect on the previous day. #mbfeb

The rose tinted dawn over our hill was quite a sight. #mbfeb

My snowblower is looking lonely in the open garage. #mbfeb

Dunsverick Castle. North (Atlantic) coast of Northern Ireland. Near Giant’s Causeway.



Two angles. North shore of Lake Superior.


Since the snow to this point has been somewhat disappointing I’ve decided to post a picture of our yard taken after a snowstorm last April. Yep, last April.