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I have been freed from the tyranny of #mbnov words!

Actually, it was fun trying to find ways to fit them into the story line. Constraints can force one to be creative and there were many times the word changed the story arc. I was thinking only about a post ahead the whole time.

Betty made it to the end of the path. One car. The keys worked. Six vials in the back seat. Grabbing three she ran back to the clearing. “She’s gone.” Mark said. “The hell she is!” said Betty. Mark was bewildered. “You’re not really going to try to save her, are you?” #mbnov++

Mark said, “She’s not going to last much longer.” Carmine’s breathing was becoming shallow. Betty remembered a verse from childhood about forgiving the unforgivable. Taking a chance, she rummaged through Carmine’s pockets, found her car keys, and sprinted down the path. #mbnov++

Carmine was speaking very slowly and deliberately now, but with a touch of pride still in her voice. “It was me. I killed Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. One of my better jobs. Got paid well too.” She gave a little laugh. Mark held her wrist checking her pulse. #mbnov++

Betty felt Carmine’s resistance fade but finished tying her hands behind her back with the strips cut from Mark’s shirt and turned her over. Carmine laughed softly. It was evil, like the knock of death upon a door. Carmine spoke with effort, “You don’t know, do you?” #mbnov++

It’s a good thing MicroBlogVember has been extended. There’s no way I could wrap up this story in time otherwise. Thanks @Macgenie!

Carmine stiffened. One of the darts in the pouch had pierced her thigh and it was obvious that Mark had used all the antidote. Her life swam before her eyes. In one sweeping panoramic view she saw it all: the assassinations, the spying, the extortion, the treason. #mbnov++

I’m running icro on Catalina. I didn’t even realize it was the iOS app running under Catalyst until I tried to find it in the Mac App Store for Mojave. The only issue was that It wasn’t immediately obvious how to do replies. Kudos to @hartlco.

Carmine ran quickly up the path toward the clearing then went sprawling face first into the dirt, tripped by a strand of platinum wire across the path. Betty was on her in an instant, but Carmine had a horrible feeling something worse than being ambushed had happened. #mbnov++

There was no way I could integrate today’s word into the story. #mbnov

Betty began to tease apart the platinum wire from the necklace ending up with two six foot strands. “We’ll use this,” she whispered. Mark was quick to see. “Fantastic!” he mouthed, “It just might work!” He took off his dress shirt and cut it into strips using the knife. #mbnov

Betty helped Mark up and they stumbled into the nearby brush that covered this section of the property. “Ok, Miss Beresford, do we have any ideas on how to stop Carmine?” She rummaged through her sleuth bag and pulled out a Swiss Army knife and her sapphire necklace. #mbnov

Carmine quickened her pace to get back to the car for more darts. “I love that these don’t leave any trace in the system. I’ve got to go back and take care of that rich Beresford bitch too before she causes trouble. I’ve heard she’s even more dangerous than her mum.” #mbnov

Updating second of five systems to Catalina. First one went smoothly and some critical VPN software checked out fine.

Heading out of town a bit early to avoid the snowstorm. Nearly 10” of heavy wet slop expected here.

Betty was rightfully angry. She hadn’t expected someone as dangerous as Carmine to be in the mix. “She’ll be back to make sure you’re dead,” she told Mark. “We have to hide. Can you stand? It’s dark now. We don’t need to go far.” “I think I can hobble a bit,” said Mark. #mbnov

Mark’s voice was recovering. “Carmine was going to turn double agent. Those plans were going to help secure the grid from attack. Turns out Carmine’s a snake.” Betty reproached him, “Damnit Mark, you sexist twit. We’re partners. You have to tell me about this stuff.” #mbnov

Carmine felt a sudden chill of recognition. “Betty Beresford, damn, that’s her name. I did a contract on her parents three years ago. Those two private dicks were getting too good and the boss didn’t like it. Called their company ‘Partners in Crime’ if I remember right.” #mbnov

Betty stroked Mark’s forehead, “Mark, it’s me, Betty.” Mark calmed down when he recognized her but was still agitated. “It was Carmine,” he croaked. The name sent a chill through Betty. They were on their own in a woebegone spot far from help. “Carmine,” she whispered. #mbnov

Carmine was nearly all the way down the path to her car, thinking of a little tune to hum as she went along. “My boss will be pleased to hear of Mark’s demise,” she thought. But something suddenly tugged at her memory. What was it that Mark had said once about his fiancé? #mbnov

Only a few more days left in microblogvember. I need be wrapping this story up. How the heck am I going to do that?

Mark’s vision began to clear. It was no longer like looking down a hollow tube. He felt the paralysis that had started gripping his chest ease, but his head still felt like he had gulped down three double martinis. He looked at Betty and didn’t recognize her. He panicked. #mbnov

Betty approached Mark carefully. His breathing was shallow. Her flashlight showed the scribbled note, then the stump and vial. She picked up the vial and, lifting Mark’s head, poured the contents slowly into his mouth. She saw him swallow once and then a second time. #mbnov

I’m back in May with my “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” backlog. Only 29 more to listen to and I’ll be all caught up!

You could say that some of my microblogvember story posts are a little forced and you’d be right. This one felt a bit like square peg and round hole. Nevertheless, I will persevere! 😂