David Dykstal

New pen! Lamy 2000. Black with EF nib. Colorverse “Map of Mars” ink.

Maintain a social distance while Dancing in the Street.:)

Thinking about a gofundme for local restaurant workers who survive on tips. Is this workable?

My nephew has made it home from Denmark where he was studying.

Archdiocese of Detroit suspends all public Masses

More ink! I’m probably set for this life and many after.

I’ve been journaling regularly now for over a year and sporadically before that: pen, paper, and text only. I don’t understand journaling like this.

I received three new inks today. Can’t wait to try them out.

I’ve recovered from my norovirus attack and am now basking in a cool breeze off a Dunedin fishing pier. #mbfeb

My Gwen Ifill stamps have arrived!

Remembering this from a while back. Still true.

The KVM experiment failed. The display emulation doesn’t match the monitor and fools the attached computers. They won’t drive it to its full resolution. It was also cable hell. I knew the cable mess was going to be bad, but not this bad.

Fired up the new Intel NUC i3 running an Ubuntu Linux variant yesterday. Not a bad little machine. Now I need to get a KVM to control all these beasts. It’s like a vacuum cleaner for money.

Done. All five systems updated to Catalina. No problems noticed as yet.

Me: knock knock Grandson: who’s there Me: deciduous GS: deciduous who? Me (as Elvis): 🎶 deciduous high class, but that was just a lie 🎶 GS: huh?

I’ll see myself out …

I have a dedicated Linux box arriving soon. I’m done with the gyrations of living with VMware. It’s good for casual use, but I struggled with the office VPN and 2 layers of key remapping.

Moving from 13” MacBook Pro to 16” MacBook Pro. It’s all about the screen real estate. I can work directly on the 16”. I always found myself wanting to hook the 13” to a monitor.

It’s 8:30pm and I can’t keep my eyes open.

Spent the day sizing and hanging coats for our annual Christmas Anonymous Store Day. Tomorrow, folks who’ve registered through their social service agencies will come and be able to pick up gifts and winter clothing for their families. Busy day tomorrow!

It’s vs its. They’re vs their. You’re vs your. I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! Why don’t my fingers know before I hit the post button? Sigh.

I’ve been using Tower as a git client for a few years. I like it, but it’s time to get my command line git chops up to snuff again. Use it or lose it.

Updating second of five systems to Catalina. First one went smoothly and some critical VPN software checked out fine.

Heading out of town a bit early to avoid the snowstorm. Nearly 10” of heavy wet slop expected here.

I’m back in May with my “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” backlog. Only 29 more to listen to and I’ll be all caught up!