David Dykstal

There is no one true app for handling notes

I’m trying to limit the number of apps I have bits and pieces of knowledge stored in, but there is no one true app. Some notes require diagrams, some require tables, some require databases that can be analyzed for patterns. Well-organized folders and tags help with the multiplicity of formats. I’m moving to plain text when its the right medium, but sometimes it is not.

For example, I had a scheme for moving all of my OmniFocus items that were not immediate to TaskPaper format and managing that separately, but found as I started moving stuff that I really like having all the project tasks in one spot. These were already arranged in a somewhat P.A.R.A. format (mostly the P.A. part). Between that and #obsidian (work) and #bear (personal for now), plus some well-organized folders for other artifacts, I should be able have a workable #pkm scheme.

It’s going to take some time and discipline.