David Dykstal

David Dykstal

Local Bookstores - Fair Trade Books in Red Wing, MN

I admit that I’ve been getting most of my books from Amazon or from our library as ebooks. They are convenient for reading in bed or while traveling, but those are the only advantages. There is nothing to mark up and, worse, there is nothing to share.

I had a short list of books I wanted to buy that friends had recommended and decided to stick with paper this time. I could get that from Amazon as well, but there are still a few independent bookstores left in the area, including one in Rochester. All of these, even those in the Twin Cities, have become sanctuaries for used books. This is a good thing.

Sampling , Ann and I decided to drive up to Red Wing to Fair Trade Books. Although most of their stock is used I was able to find Richard Power’s The Overstory and Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass.

Fair Trade Books has a custom of giving you a free book on your first visit to the store. The book maven at the store asked what I was currently reading. I had been listening an audiobook version of The Count of Monte Cristo (excellent narration by Bill Homewood by the way). She suggested Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose. I had already read that. She then pulled Eco’s The Prague Cemetery from the shelf. I would not have found that book on my own.

If that’s not enough, they even have Reveler, the bookdog.

As for sharing, I’m looking forward to slowly giving my collection away. I have enough books. Why keep them all? Someone else needs to enjoy them.

Check out and give a local bookstore your business.