David Dykstal

@macgenie @jamescousins @bbech I'm way behind on OmniFocus too. I took a detour into bullet journalling which I like, but it took me a while to figure out how this might fit with OF.

Here's what I'm thinking for now. I'm going to trim OF down based on what @rosemaryorchard was doing with git for offloading OF. However, I find text editing to be a chore on iOS even with Textastic. I probably could make it work OK with an external keyboard on iPadOS. So I'm going to do most of the heavy lifting in Taskpaper/BBEdit on macOS. Working Copy on iOS and iPadOS is still going to be essential.

The idea is to use a bullet journal to hold immediate stuff for the day. OmniFocus will be the secondary store and revisited in each morning. git/taskpaper will be the tertiary store which will be referenced only occasionally.

Hope I'm not overthinking this.